Our Story

Hello! I'm Kyle and I'm the founder of Carter & Oak. I started Carter & Oak thanks to two main inspirations.

The first being that I played college lacrosse and fell in love with health and nutrition, which fit perfectly with my existing passion for cooking.

The second being that I saw the food my mom was being fed in hospitals as she was battling stage-4 colon cancer. She was often given "protein" shakes or "nutrient" shakes and they all tasted like junk! After her cancer treatments she would have a sore throat too and would soothe it with ice cream, pudding or ice pops. But all of those are packed with sugar, fat and often times artificial ingredients.

So I wanted to create a product that actually tastes GOOD and provides quality nutrition at the same time. I wanted to create a product that delivered on the three most important levels. Taste. Nutrition. Ingredient Quality.

For people like me, for people like my mom and for people like you.


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We hope you give us a try. Thanks!


Kyle Peters